Securities-Based Lending

Low-risk, capital-light wealth lending that grows the business

FASTNET from Rockall delivers SBL-in-the-cloud, accelerating time-to-business and supporting comprehensive risk management in the fast-moving and expanding world of liquid lending/securities-based lending.

FASTNET removes the burden of handling third-party pricing and ratings data from the bank and fully supports lending against held-away assets – widening the available SBL market.  FASTNET users are growing profits and attracting AuM with automated and scalable SBL.  Close to real-time credit risk management and triage capabilities are built in and overall book health and concentration risk are monitored on a daily basis.

Rockall is helping some of America’s top banks to scale their wealth lending with automation, equipping them to manage severe market volatility.  Meanwhile, wealth lending in America now exceeds half a trillion dollars.

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Write business faster with rapid, accurate portfolio evaluation and credit policy application


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Real-time account monitoring based on up-to-date market data with comprehensive analytics and stress testing

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The Case for SBL

The case for SBL


Facilitate fast portfolio trading decisions for the client while closely managing credit policy adherence

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SBL White Paper

The SBL Opportunity


If you are engaged in securities-based lending or plan to begin offering these loans, you need a collateral evaluation and monitoring system that gives you rapid evaluation turn-around.  Along every step of the loan process, you need to be able to automatically evaluate proposed collateral portfolios, integrate with the underwriting process and update positions on a daily basis to ensure loan-to-value breaches are remedied – all the time applying detailed credit, concentration and regulatory rules.

FASTNET provides all of this with detailed business insights, based on the current eligible market value of each portfolio compared with the top-up and sell-out thresholds of the loan concerned.  Automatic alerts also highlight loans where the eligible market value has fallen below either of these thresholds.

One bank Rockall works with is on target to grow a $3bn book within three years. Other Rockall customers are experiencing annual growth rates of more than 30% on average.


Rockall’s SBL expertise is the result of continuous development since our first deployment for SBL with Wells Fargo 10 years ago. You can read more about how Wells Fargo use our technology here.