About Rockall

Rockall is an Irish company founded in 2000 to provide specialized banking book collateral management technology and services to the banking sector.  The company has delivered solutions to over 20 of the world’s top banks, including Wells Fargo, US Bank, HSBC and FNB South Africa.

Rockall has evolved into a product-led company enabling banks to accurately manage and assess credit risk, supporting a deep understanding of the credit exposures that drive capital requirements and Risk Weighted Assets.  COLLATE focuses on enterprise collateral management and FASTNET is our cloud-based SaaS product for next-generation Securities-based Lending.

Rockall employs over 60 people based at our Dublin HQ and at offices in Charlotte, NC.  The company is included as one of the top 100 risk technology companies in the world in the RiskTech100®, globally acknowledged as the most comprehensive study of the world’s most significant risk and compliance technology companies.

Rockall currently helps its clients manage over $2 Trillion worth of collateral daily.

As for our name?  Rockall is an uninhabited islet situated in the North Atlantic Ocean approximately 270 miles off the north-west coast of Ireland.  Little more than a rock jutting out of the sea, it has stood the test of time, battling rough seas and wild weather to provide a secure and reliable landmark over the years.  It’s the perfect metaphor for the security and risk management that we offer our clients across their changing and fragmented collateral systems.

Our headquarters are  located by the Irish sea – in calmer waters than our namesake.  Check out the view from our office by the West Pier in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin.