FHLB Atlanta

FHLBank Atlanta will implement STOC to allow real-time management of multiple types of collateral pledged by its borrowing member banks. The Rockall solution is unique in its integration capability with other banking systems, securities custodians and market pricing systems to accept and provide additional data so that lending positions can be calculated accurately, exceptions to policy may be securely managed and general reporting and or inquiry functions are easily available to the bank’s users.The STOC solution allows the automation of the management, tracking and valuation of liquid and whole loan collateral. Liquid collateral and loan assets are analyzed for eligibility based on predetermined business policies, valued via multiple market sources and haircuts are applied. The STOC solution provides state-of-the-art functionality to allow the bank to minimize risk but at the same time provide a more efficient service to its customers. At FHLBank Atlanta, this results in a more attractive all-in cost of borrowing for customers and an enhancement to the value of FHLBank membership. 


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