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With over 20 years experience in the financial services technology market, Rockall Technologies are experts in the area of lending and security / collateral management.  We are committed to helping financial services manage and mitigate their risk and collateral profiles with unique software solutions that integrate seamlessly into their existing IT systems.

Rockall Technologies is the market leader in collateral management software and our management team are committed to this, with a 100% reference able global customer base.  Rockall partners with a wide and varied set of companies to ensure we can deliver solutions embedded with expert knowledge.  Our solutions are trusted by several of the world’s top tier one banks.

Built to comply with accepted industry standards, our solutions link seamlessly with our customers’ existing workflow systems, reducing complexity, increasing visibility and eliminating data-entry errors.  The solution allows banks to monitor the changing status of their collateral, respond quickly to alerts, generate reports automatically and comply with stringent regulatory environments. 

Our proven expertise in Collateral Management allows us to customise solutions across a range of applications in areas of wealth management, trade and commodity finance, wholesale and commercial banking.  We have implemented our solutions in multiple financial institutions from stand alone to full integration with our clients’ existing software.

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